Daniela Carrara born in Switzerland in 1966 where she has done her first art studies at the Art School of CSIA in Lugano.
She has been working in ateliers of important artists internationally well knowed as Bellini and Selmoni and improved her technical skills in stone quarries and bronze foundries.
In almost 30 years of production her work has been recognised with invitations to many open air exhibitions as well as exhibitions in private and pubblic galleries.

The most relevants:
2012 – acquisition of “Mutaforma” by the Ministry of Swiss Culture for the Art Museum of Lugano (LAC)

Solo exhibitions
2001 – Sala del Torchio – Balerna (CH)
2002 – Galerie d’art – La Loggia – Carona (CH)
2007 – Galerie d’art – Stellanove –”ànemos graphein”- Mendrisio (CH)
2012 – Paleis Municipal – “Mutaforme cellulari” Bioggio (CH)

Group exhibition in open air
2006 – Plein air “Il Giardino Incantato” – Archivio delle donne Ticinesi – Melano (CH)
2014 – Plein air “Gesti quotidiani” Mendrisio (CH)
2015 – Plein air “Rumori d’acqua” Lago di Lugano – Maroggia (CH)
2017 – Plein air “Energie” Bex & Arts -Triennale de sculptures contemporaines Bex (CH)

Other group exhibitions
2013 – Galerie d’art Me-Art – Milano (I)
2014 – Monte Arte “L’ultima cena” installation of “Siamo ciò che mangiamo”- Monte (CH)
2014 – “Sconfinare con” with Gabriele Fettolini – Riva San Vitale
2114 Galleria d’arte Satura Palazzo Stella – Genova ( I)

Actuelly she is working in her ateliers in Salorino (Switzerlad) and Paros (Greeece)